22 Must Have RV Gadgets & Essentials for Beginners in 2023


Heading out on your first RV trip is as exciting as it gets! Hitting the road with an RV is a unique way to travel, as it adds a touch of adventure to the experience. Also, with an RV, you can travel at your own pace while enjoying the scenery and sites of your chosen route.

However, as a beginner who has never gone on an RV trip, you might wonder what essentials you need to bring along for the ride. Well, not to worry, in this article, we provide and highlight a list of RV Gadgets & essentials for beginners you need to bring along, including kitchen tools and sleeping/bath necessities. Also, since you would most likely explore different places while RVing, we will provide outdoor gear you might need. So, keep reading.


Part 1. 9 General RV Essentials for First-Time Travel

An RV is a house on wheels. There are items you need to live comfortably in your home same goes for an RV. Traveling in an RV for the first time? Well, here are the general RV essentials you would need.


1. Water and Sewer Hoses

These are essential components of an RV. For your rig to function optimally, you need water and sewer hoses. There are three main hoses needed in an RV, which include

  • Sewer Hose(s): This component ensures you can get rid of your RV of waste during your trips. Also, ensure you get a quality hose that does not malfunction or leak waste. Hose length is an important factor to consider when buying one. Try to get one that is above 10 feet but below 20 ft.
  • Drinking Water Hose: This hose provides your RV faucets with water. Do ensure you get a hose that does not leach lead or other potentially harmful chemicals into your drinking water.
  • Black Water Flushing Hose: This hose is used for flushing your black tank's interior walls. The mechanism gives the hose enough pressure to loosen anything stuck in the tank.


Water and Sewer Hoses


2. Adapters and Chargers

Most RVs come with power cords. Some are 30-amp power cords with three prongs, while others are 50-amp cords with four prongs. With the power cord sorted, you need to bring along adapters and chargers for your phones, tablets, and computers. These are essential to ensure your gadgets are well powered up during your trip.


3. Surge Protector

Sometimes power surges occur, so bringing a pack of surge protectors is essential. These protectors help safeguard sensitive RV gadgets from damage caused by a power surge. Also, bring a voltmeter/multimeter to check your battery level, a digital line monitor to check your generator frequency and AC voltage, and test for faulty wiring.


Surge Protector


4. Flashlights

Lighting is important, especially at night or during periods of low light, so bringing an alternative light source is important. Flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns provide alternative lighting when the campfire starts going down. Ensure you bring them along not as a convenience but as a necessity.




5. Tire Pressure Gauge

When tires lose air pressure, the vehicle becomes slower and more cumbersome. With a tire pressure gauge, you know when the air within your tire drops below optimal values. Before leaving on your RV trip, ensure your tire pressure gauge is inside the toolbox and other tools like the screwdriver, hammer, sealant, and roof patches.


Tire Pressure Gauge


6. Fire Extinguishers

Fire outbreaks are usually unplanned, but they always lead to losses. This is why fire extinguishers are an important component of an RV. Ensure you bring a fire extinguisher on your RV trips and know how to use them, so you can put out fires as quickly without incurring any major loss to property.


Fire Extinguishers


7. Extra Fluids

While water is important, there are other fluids you would need in your RV. These fluids include washer fluid, coolants, motor oil, and an extra gas cylinder. Ensure your RV checklist includes these fluids so you are not stranded on your trip.


Extra Fluids


8. Leveling Blocks

While concrete RV sites are usually level, this might be the same for gravel pads or grassy fields, so you need leveling blocks. It is important to bring along leveling blocks because they help ensure your RV is secure and steady.


Leveling Blocks


9. First-aid Kit for Any Injuries

Cuts, bruises, and scrapes are part of the outdoor experience, so why would you let them cut your trip? Stay ahead of the trend by bringing along a first-aid kit to treat these injuries as they occur without exposing them to infections.


First-aid Kit for Any Injuries


Part 2. 4 Necessary RV Kitchen Tools for Beginners

Food often prepared in the kitchen is essential to human life. Since the RV would be your home for some time, you need to cook in it. Here are some necessary RV kitchen tools for beginners.


1. Cookware

While packing cookware, it is important to pack the bare minimum so it does not become too heavy for your RV. You need a few pots and pans, a baking dish and sheet, and a coffee maker. You would also need staples like serving spoons, trays, a wood spatula, a probe thermometer, a can opener, tongs, and a spatula.




2. Tableware

The major tableware you need in an RV is a set of reusable plastic dishes and a dishwasher. But not your conventional dishwasher, but a countertop dishwasher for RV. One of the best dishwashers in this category is the HAVA countertop dishwasher with 360 degrees of cleaning. Being one of the 2021 Amazon best sellers, this dishwasher has a large capacity with 2 place settings. It also reduces water consumption by 75%.

The HAVA countertop dishwasher has two water supply modes: a tank and a direct connection to a water faucet. The 5L tank featured on this dishwasher helps you save eaters on your RV trips. It also features 5 wash cycle options, including a dry mode, ensuring watermarks do not appear on your dishes. Below are some benefits of the HAVA countertop dishwasher;

  • Low water consumption
  • Portable design
  • Five-liter water tank
  • Does not require plumbing
  • 5 wash cycles
  • Wash your dishes quickly




3. Trash Bags

Trash bags are an essential part of the kitchen and general RV space. While you would most likely use them primarily for trash, you might find yourself using them for other purposes aside from the trash. This is why stocking up your RV with several trash bags is important, so you do not find yourself lacking bags.


Trash Bags


4. Other Kitchen Tools for RV

Other kitchen tools you need to create a checklist include; a wine opener, portable camping stove, grill, cutting board, and cooler. You must also get matches/lighter dish towels, rags, and hot pads. These tools would make life easier for you while on your RV trip. Do not forget to fit your RV with a Refrigerator or freezer so you can always enjoy chilled beverages.


Other Kitchen Tools for RV


Part 3. 5 Sleeping or Bath Necessities for RV Living

Sleeping and Bathing are basic human needs and remain the same whether you are home or RVing. Below are the essentials for RV camping to ensure your sleep and bath remain unhindered.


1. Bedding

When camping, you need pillows, sheets, and blankets to sleep comfortably. These items become more necessary if your RV is not fitted with them. Without these items, your RV trips and camping would become less enjoyable. So before heading out on your trip, consider your sleeping comfort, and go for beddings that allow you peaceful rest.




2. Towels

Towels are important whether you wash your hands, shower, or swim. Taking extra showers and beach towels with you on your trips improves the whole experience. And having realized how easy it is to forget towels, we recommend you always keep them in your RV. In other words, when you return from a trip, dry clean your towels, and return them to the RV. It becomes one less thing to consider when you go on your next trip.




3. Personal Toiletries

Regardless of where you are, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, sunscreen, bug spray, conditioner, shampoo, facewash, lotion/moisturizer deodorant, and other toiletries are important. This is why you need to create a checklist for them to ensure you do not leave any behind when making your trip.

Also, include eye drops as dry climate and high altitudes often affect the eyes, making them teary. Pack sunblock and bear spray, especially if camping in areas where bears roam freely. Do you have a health issue? `Do not forget to pack your basic medications to help with the pain.




4. Warm Pajamas

There is a high chance you will experience cold weather while camping, even in the warm summer months, which is why packing warm pajamas is important. These pajamas would help you stay warm on chilly mornings/nights.


5. Blankets or Sleeping Bags

Cold weather is sometimes inevitable while camping. This is especially true if your RV does not have a strong internal heating system. You either experience chilly mornings, nights, or both. However, blankets or sleeping bags help keep out the cold, ensuring you remain warm. Not sure where to store these items? Try the lower storage spaces.


Blankets or Sleeping Bags


Part 4. 4 Outdoor Gears for RV Living

It is a given that you won't spend all your RV trip time within the RV. What fun is that? So, since you would be camping or going outdoors, here are some outdoor gears to pack.


1. Rain Gear

In the outdoor environment, sometimes rain is inevitable. This is why your checklist should include rain gear like coats and umbrellas that would help shield you from the direct impact of rainfall. Also, consider waterproof boots if you intend to explore the outdoor space under the rain.


Rain Gear


2. Electric Scooter

An electric scooter makes commuting short distances easier. This vehicle also helps with posture improvement as well as blood circulation. So, if you would be commuting with your RV, it is advisable to get an electric scooter, which is often portable and easy to carry. If you are unsure which scooter to get, consider the TurboAnt M10 Lite model with its three-step folding system.

This TurboAnt M10 Lite electric scooter features a downward-facing headlight with good proximity coverage, which makes rides in low-light regions safer. It also comes with a USB phone charging port, ensuring you stay connected even in areas with no power supply.

Since the outdoor terrain is seldom paved or flat, this scooter boasts 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that ensure rides remain comfortable. With a top speed of 16 mph, a 15.5-mile maximum range, and a dual-brake system, the TurboAnt M10 Lite electric scooter is easy to ride.


Electric Scooter


3. Hammocks & Chairs

You must pack hammocks and chairs while going on your RV trip as they help you relax outside during your vacation. Chairs and hammocks come in different styles and patterns, so when choosing one, ensure you go for something comfortable.


Hammocks and Chairs


4. Doormat

A doormat is an important component of the RV as it helps keep the vehicle clean. You can place doormats inside and outside your RV to ensure you do not track dirt into the vehicle. The presence of the doormat also serves as a reminder for you to take off your shoes when entering your RV.


mini dishwasher works



RV trips help us explore our environment, and packing right, ensures we also enjoy ourselves during the exploration. However, remember that the RV space is limited, and packing too much would result in a cluttered space, which is why it is important to pack only important items. We believe that with this article, you will be able to pack your RV camping essentials comfortably without hassle.