T01 Portable Washing Machine

  • • Fully automatic with 8 programs and 4 water levels.
  • • Compact dimensions at 42 x 45.5 x 72.5 cm (W/D/H).
  • • 22.7 L capacity takes up to 6.6 lb of laundry.
  • • Only supports draining downwards.
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    An Enjoyable Laundry Experience in Your Sweet Home

    An Enjoyable Laundry Experience
    in Your Sweet Home

    Convenience, Cleanliness and Savings You Can See

    Convenience, Cleanliness and Savings
    You Can See

    Remarkable Performance, Impressive Functionality

    Compact Design for Mobility

    Measuring only 42 x 45.5 x 72.5 cm with a net weight of 18 kg, this portable washer is a perfect fit for apartments, RV's, mobile homes and other smaller spaces. Its capable stainless steel tub handles a maximum of 3 kg of laundry.

    22 min Quick Wash & 7 More Modes

    Get spotless clothes again in as little as 22 minutes with the Quick wash program, or choose from 7 additional pre-programmed modes—Normal, Gentle, Heavy, Soak, Rinse & Spin, Spin and Tub Clean—to satisfy various household laundry needs.

    Delayed Start & Pause/Resume Feature

    With a built-in timer, this washing machine can be scheduled to work at your desired time and complete the wash program up to 24 hours later. The top loading structure makes it easy to pause during a cycle, reload the tub and resume washing.

    Superb Efficiency & Reduced Costs

    Equipped with a durable, energy-efficient motor, this machine uses only 1/5 of the electricity compared with a full-size washer, and also offers 4 water level options to consume less water for light loads, saving up to 1,000€ per year on laundry costs!

    Wide Selection of Automatic Wash Cycles

    Wide Selection of Automatic Wash Cycles



    Common choice for most household laundry and effectively removes dirt and stain on cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics.



    Saves your time with only 22 minutes of wash, rinse and spin, and is ideal for slightly soiled clothes or lesser laundry loads.



    Comes with a slower tub spin, and is best for delicate fabrics that normally require hand washing, such as baby clothes and lingerie.



    Lasts 65 minutes and is designed to tackle heavily stained and sturdy fabrics, washing for a longer time with a faster tub spin.



    Uses extra water and provides additional soaking time for an even distribution of detergent, suitable for moderated stained clothing.


    Rinse & Spin

    Great for items that require only cold water rinsing with no need of detergents, such as bathing suits and swimsuits.



    Extracts moisture from clothes with the tub spinning at the maximum speed.


    Tub Clean

    Rinses residual stain and lint off the tub to avoid secondary contamination.

    Details That Make the Difference

    750 RPM Max Spin Speed

    Wash Completion Alert

    Corrosion-Resistant Tub

    60 dB Quiet Operation

    Auto Unbalance Detection

    Extended Drain Hose

    750 RPM Max Spin Speed

    Wash Completion Alert

    Corrosion-Resistant Tub

    60 dB Quiet Operation

    Auto Unbalance Detection

    Extended Drain Hose

    Smart Laundry Solution for Limited Spaces


    Technical Data

    Rated Power

    200 W

    Power Input

    110-120 V, 50-60 Hz (US model)

    220-240 V, 50-60 Hz (EU model)


    16.5 x 17.9 x 28.5 inches

    42 x 45.5 x 72.5 cm

    Net Weight

    40 lb / 18 kg

    Load Capacity

    6.6 lb / 3.0 kg

    Max Spin Speed

    750 RPM

    Noise Level

    60-70 dB

    Water Level

    4 options

    Control Console

    Touch buttons

    Wash Cycle

    8 options

    Wash Programs



    Default Water Level



    Suitable for most household laundry, including cloth, linen and other regular fabrics.


    39 minutes


    Suitable for slightly stained laundry or light loads.


    22 minutes


    Suitable for delicate fabrics, such as baby clothes and lingerie.


    45 minutes


    Suitable for heavily soiled clothes made with sturdy fabrics.


    65 minutes


    With extra soaking time, suitable for moderately stained laundry.


    51 minutes

    Rinse & Spin

    Suitable for clothes that do not require detergents, such as bathing suits and swimsuits.


    25 minutes


    Spin process for moisture extraction only.


    8 minutes

    Tub Clean

    For periodic tub cleaning to remove residual stain and lint and prevent mold growth.


    41 minutes


    • 1 x T01 Washing Machine

    • 1 x Water Supply Hose

    • 1 x Drain Hose

    • 1 x Protective Bottom Plate

    Q & A

    How long are the water supply hose and the drain hose?

    Both of the water supply and drain hoses are 47 in / 120 cm long.

    Does the T01 washing machine warm up the water during a wash?

    No, all wash programs use cold water only, and hot water cannot be manually added during any program.

    Can I wash clothes with hot water by hooking the machine to a hot water faucet?

    Sorry, the machine operates only with cold water. Please avoid adding water hotter than 50 °C / 122 °F.

    Do I have to turn off the water faucet when the washing machine is not in use?

    You don't have to, as the machine comes with an inlet valve that keeps the water in and out. But it is recommended to turn off the faucet after use.

    Does the machine drain upwards?

    The T01 does not drain upwards. Please make sure that the drain hose lies flat on the floor and no part of the drain hose is more than 4 inches / 10 cm above the floor.

    Do you have some recommended types of detergent?

    The machine is compatible with all types of detergent. You can choose either liquid detergent, powder detergent or gel balls.

    What is the type of connector on the water supply hose?

    It is a 3/4" garden hose connector, and you may need an adapter to connect it to your faucet.

    How much water is consumed per washing cycle?

    Each wash program comes with a default water level setting, but you may manually select your desired water level before starting the wash. The water consumptions of the 4 water levels are:
    • L1: 10.6 L / 2.8 US gallons
    • L2: 13.6 L / 3.6 US gallons
    • L3: 15.2 L / 4 US gallons
    • L4: 18.2 L / 4.8 US gallons

    How does the machine dry clothes, by heating up or spinning?

    The T01 dries clothes by spinning the tub.

    How often do I need to clean this washing machine? And do I have to use specialized material to clean it?

    We recommend a thorough cleaning of the machine every 3 to 5 months with specialized washing machine agents.