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R01 Compact Countertop Dishwasher

  • • 42.8 x 42.5 x 45.8 cm (L/W/H) in size for families of 2-4.
  • • Plumbing and installation free.
  • • 5-L water consumption per cycle.
  • €279.99 €399.99
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    Compact Size Maximizes Space Utilization

    The 17-inch-wide small footprint makes room for the rest of your kitchenware.

    Speed Mode Completes Dishwashing in 29 Minutes

    Not only does it swipe away stubborn stains and scraps, the HAVA R01 also sterilizes dishes with hot water at 144 °F.

    2 Water Supply Options
    The built-in tank can be filled either by connecting to a faucet or the pitcher provided without any plumbing work.
    Generous Capacity for Tableware for 2-4
    Although it has a compact size, this dishwasher can hold 4 bowls, 4 cups, 8 plates, and 7 sets of flatware.

    Superb Performance, Versatile Solution

    Getting shiny tableware every day has never been this simple.

    5 Washing Programs & Separate Dry Mode

    From greasy dinner plates to wine glasses, from baby bottles to fresh fruits, there is always an option that perfectly suits your washing task.

    Dual Spray Arms & 360° Rinsing

    A sparkling finish is guaranteed for all dishes thanks to the hot water pressurized at 11,100 Pa which comes out evenly from 14 water outlets in the spray arm.

    PTC Hot Air Drying & Ventilation

    A 60-minute 40-Celcius-degree drying cycle is automatically activated after each wash cycle (except the Fruit cycle) completes, and a 72-hour ventilation ensures sanitary storage.

    Thoughtful Details, Rich Benefits

    A more enjoyable user experience, delivered.

    The 5 L built-in water tank means that it uses about 75% less water than washing dishes by hand.

    The reinforced glass door keeps noise down to only 60 dB.

    The outlet hose lets water out to the sink or a bucket, without the need for pipework.

    Works perfectly with any type of washing detergent: liquid, powder, tablet, or gel.

    Precisely-built rolling tracks under the dish rack make loading and unloading easy.

    The triple filtering system gets rid of clogging and keeps the dishwasher's operations smooth.

    Featured in

    The HAVA R01 is a great compact appliance, and while it’s an investment, it’s less expensive that nearly any full-size dishwasher on the market. It’s very water efficient, and does an excellent job of cleaning dishes.

    We were thrilled with the results from the HAVA Compact Countertop Dishwasher, with even harder to clean items like tall bottles coming out clean. There's also plenty of room for the dishes of one or two people, so it would be ideal for a single person or couple that don't want or can't fit a full-size dishwasher in their kitchen.

    You may pay more for this niche appliance, but the Hava countertop dishwasher is a terrific bit of kit. If you don’t have space or plumbing for a traditional dishwasher, it’ll save you from having to wash up by hand and give you great results


    Technical Data


    950 W


    110-120 V/60 Hz (US model)

    220-240 V/50 Hz (EU model)

    Dimensions (L/W/H)

    16.86" × 16.75" × 18.05"

    (428 x 425 x 458 mm)

    Product Weight

    28.7 lb (13 kg)

    Power Cable Length

    55" (140 cm)

    Wash Cycle

    5 options

    Water Tank

    Built-in design with 5 L capacity

    Noise Level

    60 dB

    Control Console

    Touch buttons


    Blue LED

    Spray Arm

    Upper & lower with 360° rinsing


    4 x serving bowls, 4 x cups, 4 x small plates, 4 x dinner plates, 7 x spoons, 7 x forks and 7 x knives

    Wash Cycles

    Wash Cycle


    Wash Steps



    Wash Time

    Air Drying Time


    To clean normally soiled loads

    Hot water washing

    Cold water rinsing

    Hot water rinsing

    131 °F/55 °C (Washing)

    154 °F/68 °C (Rinsing)

    0.28 oz (8 g)

    69 minutes

    60 minutes


    Shorter wash for lightly soiled loads

    Hot  water washing

    Cold water rinsing

    Hot water rinsing

    122 °F/50 °C (Washing)

    144 °F/62 °C (Rinsing)

    0.28 oz (8 g)

    29 minutes

    60 minutes


    Suitable for washing slightly dirty dishes

    Hot water washing

    Cold water rinsing

    Hot water rinsing

    131 °F/55 °C (Washing)

    154 °F/68 °C (Rinsing)

    0.28 oz (8 g)

    59 minutes

    60 minutes

    Baby Care


    Suitable for washing baby bottles, oily and grimy tableware, or pet products

    Hot water washing

    Hot water rinsing

    Cold water rinsing

    Hot water rinsing

    131 °F/55 °C (Washing)

    131 °F/55 °C (Rinsing)

    167 °F/75 °C (Rinsing)

    0.42 oz (12 g)

    89 minutes

    60 minutes


    Suitable for washing hard surface fruit with room temperature water

    Cold water rinsing

    Cold water rinsing

    Constant temperature, no heating

    Not required

    19 minutes



    • Dishwasher with a power cable (55") x 1

    • Inlet hose (61") x 1

    • Drain hose (61") x 1

    • Fruit basket x 1

    • Cutlery basket x 1

    • Dish rack x 1

    • Pitcher x 1

    • User manual x 1

    Q & A

    Why did my dishwasher arrive with a humid interior?

    Every HAVA Countertop Dishwasher is tested and inspected before shipping. As such, it is normal that your dishwater might arrive with water residue inside. There is no need to worry about product quality. We'd suggest a quick wash before the first use if you find it is needed.

    What are the external dimensions of the HAVA R01?

    • Length: 16.86 inches (42.8 cm)
    • Width: 16.75 inches (42.5 cm)
    • Height: 18.05 inches (45.8 cm)
    • The length is 29.13 inches (74 cm) with the door opened.

    What are the internal dimensions of the HAVA R01?

    • Width: 13.39 inches (34 cm)
    • Height: 12.60 inches (32 cm)
    • Length: 13.78 inches (35 cm)

    What is the maximum diameter of plates that can be put in the HAVA R01?

    The HAVA R01 can hold plates of a maximum of 10.24 inches (26 cm) in diameter at a vertical angle or at most 11 inches (27.94 cm) plates at an inclined angle.

    What is the power of the HAVA R01 and what is the right voltage to use it?

    The HAVA R01 is a 950 W dishwasher. It should be used at 220-240 V for the European model and 110-120 V for the American model.

    What is the model of the inlet hose connector?

    The inlet hose connector is a standard 3/4" garden hose thread (GHT) connector. If it doesn't fit your faucet, we suggest buying a 3/4" GHT adaptor.

    How does the HAVA R01 drain dirty water?

    You can drain the HAVA R01 by connecting it with the drain hose provided and draining the water into the sink or a container such as a bucket.

    Can I put the dishwasher under the sink instead of on the counter?

    The HAVA R01 Dishwasher can be used anywhere you find convenient. That said, keep in mind that the height between the sink and the drain hose should be less than 24 inches (60 cm) to enable water to drain normally.

    Do I need to add hot water to the dishwasher?

    No. All you need to do is turn the machine on and choose a cycle. Depending on the washing mode, the water will be heated automatically. Details can be found in the user manual under Wash Cycle.

    Which logistics service does HAVA use?

    For US orders, we usually ship by UPS and FedEx, depending on the location of the warehouses. For orders to Europe, we ship by DHL, and for other remote areas with the EU, we ship by DPD.

    Where do I add dishwasher salt in the HAVA R01?

    The HAVA R01 dishwasher does not feature a specific compartment for dishwasher salt. For areas with hard water, we strongly recommend the use of a water softener or purifier at your faucet as a proactive measure. If you find that there's already limescale inside your dishwasher, we suggest you add an appropriate amount of citric acid to the detergent dispenser, run the dishwasher without loading any dishes, and operate it in normal mode to remove the grime inside the dishwasher.